Welcome to Melbourne, H&M!!!

Yesterday I finally got the chance to visit the brand new H&M store at Melbourne's GPO.  It's been almost a week since H&M opened its doors and the line is still snaking around the side of the building, full of excited shoppers waiting to get their first look at what the Swedish retail giant has to offer.

 I was lucky enough to only be in line for half an hour (unlike the die-hard shoppers who waited up to 3 hours on Saturday).  One thing is for sure...it's HUGE!! Now that the space has been completely opened up and with those beautiful sky-high ceilings, it immediately gives you the sense of how big the building really is as soon as you walk through the door.  

My favourite part of the new interior has to be the amazing carousel in the middle of the kids section; so creative!

One thing I've always loved from my visits to H&M in Europe is their specialty collections, particularly their designer collaborations.  Currently the Melbourne store offers the 'Australian exclusive' collection (a selection of rock'n'roll inspired pieces made especially for us Aussies) and the 'H&M Conscious' collection (promoting sustainable fashion).  Both collections contain some amazing pieces, I can't wait to see what they'll bring out next!

After two hours of shopping I came out with some gorgeous new goodies which I'm very excited to share with you (stay tuned for my first outfit post, coming soon!).  It's safe to say my credit card got a huge work out so I think I'll be putting it to rest for a little while after this little expedition (or at least until Emporium opens on April 16th...)

Happy shopping everyone!! xx